Our Guarantee To You

As the #1 Resume Writing Company and we provide a guarantee with all of our professional services that no one else can provide – a 90 Day Interview Guarantee, 3 Business Day Turnaround & 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!


The 90 Day Interview Guarantee

If you're not getting any interviews by the 90th day, let us know and we'll set you up with an in house recruiter that specializes in your chosen career – the recruiter will assess your resume, your job search process, the jobs you're applying for and put together a structured plan to assist you in gaining a role in your chosen field!


3 Business Day Turnaround

Our resume writers will hold a one on one telephone interview with you to ask questions about your previous job experience, where you're aiming to go in your new job search and what you're hoping to achieve – once that's done, within three business days of your initial telephone interview – they'll have your first draft ready!


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to not only be successful in your job search but also comfortable – we're here to streamline your job search efforts and ensure success. Your documents will also remain available to you after you finalize the process with your writer and you're satisfied with your resume, we'll place it in online storage facility that is secure in both Microsoft Word & PDF Formats.